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Air Quality Control
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Better Air, Better Home or Office, Better Health…

Most people are aware of outdoor air pollution, but few realize that the air inside can also be polluted. 25% of all Americans have asthma, allergies or some other respiratory condition that can be improved by having their home's air ducts cleaned and checked regularly.

Air duct cleaning can provide you with better indoor quality, reduce the presence of molds and allergens, get rid of household dust, result in more airflow and better delivery of air, and help reduce energy costs.

Gerloff Company uses the Rotobrush® system to thoroughly clean your air ducts as well as the air conditioning and heating returns. The patented Rotobrush® is a residential / commercial air duct cleaning system that simultaneously agitates and vacuums dust and debris on contact. The Rotobrush® is the only method that power-brushes and vacuums at the same time. With the rotating drive cable contained within the vacuum hose, the Rotobrush® can be snaked through the air duct all the way to the plenum.

Simple Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

  • Stop smoking
  • Ensure regular maintenance of the furnace and replacement of filters
  • Yearly air duct cleaning
  • Avoid or restrict use of candles in home – can cause soot staining and release of contaminants

  • Keep a house clean using vacuum cleaning
    systems with HEPA grade filters
  • Reduce the amount of stored materials in the home
  • Avoid use of pesticides